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Value Water Fire Extinguisher - 9 Litre

Fantastic Value Product. We Installed These Units Throughout Our Factory.

C-Tec Activ Conventional Detectors

The C-Tec Activ Conventional Detector range are ideal for use with the C-Tec CFP fire alarm panel range.  This range of fire alarm system devices are all CE marked and certified to the relevant sections of EN54.  They come in an attractive white colouring and have a selection of smoke, heat and multi-sensor variants available.  For more information on C-Tec Activ Conventional Detectors call us NOW on 01200 428 410 or use our Livechat facility below.

C-Tec Activ Conventional Smoke Detectors

The C-Tec C4416 is the standard optical smoke detector in the Activ range of conventional / non-addressable fire alarm devices.  This device is ideal for use on escape routes in buildings and rooms where no smoke or steam are present.  To help minimise any false alarms there is also a multi-sensor available which has both an optical smoke sensing chamber and thermal heat detection element.  These multi sensors are ideal for use in HMO buildings where false alarm management is critical.

C-Tec Activ Conventional Heat Detectors

To compliment the range of smoke and multi-sensors there are also 3 varaints of heat detectors within the Activ detection range.  These variants are standard fixed temperature heat detector, high fixed temperature heat detector and rate of rise heat detectors.  The rate of rise sensors are the most sensitive detectors within the range as the can detect rapid increases in temperature. 

This range of detectors are ideal for use with the C-Tec CFP Panels and Fire Alarm Call Points ranges.

Apollo CTec Electro Detectors Notifier STI Yuasa Apollo CTec Electro Detectors Notifier STI Yuasa Apollo CTec Electro Detectors Notifier STI Yuasa