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LED Bulkhead Emergency Light Fitting

Great Unit, using these has reduced costs in our building, helping us to be kinder to the environment in the process!

LED Bulkhead Emergency Lighting

This LED Bulkhead Emergency Lighting fitting ranges features a variety of professional quality units ideal for use in commercial and industrial building in the United Kingdom.  These fittings are available to buy online and are an ideal way from end users of buildings to be able to save money on maintenance time and costs, along with being kinder to the environment.  For more information on LED Bulkhead Emergency Lighting call us NOW on 01200 428 410.

LED Bulkhead Emergency Light Fittings

The Safety Centre have now added LED Bulkhead Emergency Lighting units to our product portfolio.  These units can be positioned in exactly the same place as a conventional emergency lighting unit, yet they offer several benifits over standard bulkhead emergency light fittings.

These LED Bulkhead Emergency Lighting units feature highly efficient high output LEDs incorporated into the fitting.  These LED's are more efficient than the standard 8 watt tubes found in traditional bulkhead fittings.  This means that the units are kinder to the environment as they require less electricity to run them and they will also save the end user money during the life span of the fitting.

Save Money On Maintenace With LED Bulkhead Emergency Lights

There is also a reduction in the amount of maintenance required with the LED Bulkhead Emergency Light fittings as the LED's will last much longer than a standard 8 Watt tube in a conventional emergency light fitting.

LED Bulkhead Emergency Lighting From Channel Safety Systems

The Safety Centre's range of LED Bulkheads includes units manufactured by some of the UK's largest manufacturers.  These include Channel Safety Systems who manufacture the popular Meteor and Brook LED Bulkhead fittings.  These are great products with the Brook fitting even including a self-test facility which save time and money on maintenance visits.

If you're interested in these products you may also be interested in our Emergency Lighting Log Book and LED Exit Sign Emergency Lighting ranges.

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