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55000-885 Apollo XP95 Multisensor - Optical Smoke & Heat Detector Analogue Addressable

£39.00 (inc VAT) £32.50 (ex VAT)

Product Features

  • Manufacturer : Apollo
  • Part Number : 55000-885
  • Analogue Addressable Multi Sensor
  • Detector Has Both Optical Smoke & Thermal Heat Sensing Elements
  • Ideal For Helping To Illiminate False Alarms

Technical Details

55000-885 Apollo Multi Sensor XP95 - Optical Smoke & Heat Detector Analogue Addressable

  • Chamber constantly monitored to give warning of any pre-alarms on the devive.
  • LED illuminates on the detector when in fire state.
  • Fully compliant with Apollo XP95 protocol fire alarm loops.
  • LPCB Approved.
  • Full range of equipment to compliment this multisensor detector.
(Base Not Included - Please See Related Products)
The Apollo XP95 Multisensor detector (55000-885) incorporates an optical smoke sensor and a thermistor temperature sensor whose outputs are combined to give the final analogue value.
The Apollo optical smoke detector includes a photo-diode monitoring permanently the light pulse emitted by the internal LED. As smoke enters the chamber the light pulse is scattered and the photo-diode, registering this change, is generating a signal which is transmitted digitally to the control panel.
The Apollo heat detector uses a sensing thermistor measuring the temperature of the surrounding air. A low air-flow resistant case assures a good contact between the thermistor and the air and avoids any interferences. The output of the thermistor is a voltage proportional to the external air temperature,which is transmitted to the control panel after beeing processed.
Apollo XP95 analogue addressable multisensor detectors offer several key benefits over it's conventional detector counterpart. The Apollo XP95 analogue addressable detectors are much more false alarm resistant. This is because the chamber inside the detector is constantly being monitored, if the detector starts to become contaminated the detector will send a pre-alarm warning to the fire alarm control panel. This means that the detector can be attended to and cleaned or replaced before the fire alarm system goes into a full alarm state due to a contaminated detector. Conventional type multisensor detectors do not give this facility.
Apollo XP95 analogue addressable detector can also be assigned location text within the control panel. This is especially useful when responding to a fire activation on the fire alarm system. The reason that this feature is so useful is because it gives a full location description of the detector at the control panel position. This massively speeds up the time taken to locate where the fire alarm activation has occured. Whereas conventional fire alarm detectors would only give a zone number where the fire alarm activation has occured, meaning that the detector could be any one of upto 20 detectors.

Apollo XP95 Brochure

Apollo XP95 Xpert Card Addressing Numbering


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