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SD-851E Notifier Smoke Detector Conventional Optical PhD 800 Series

£21.54 (inc VAT) £17.95 (ex VAT)

Product Features

  • Manufacturer : Notifier by Honeywell
  • Part Number : SD-851E
  • Optical Smoke Detector
  • Part of the Notifier 800 Series Range
  • Low Profile Attractive Design

Technical Details

Notifier Smoke Detector Conventional Optical SD-851E - PhD 800 Series 

The SD-851E forms part of the Notifier Processor enhanced Detection series of conventional detectors. These detectors have been produced using the latest in manufacturing and design techniques, pushing out the boundaries of existing conventional detector technology. With an on board microprocessor, it’s multitude of enhanced features including drift compensation, provides the best in conventional detection.

The SD-851E photoelectric smoke detector incorporates an optical chamber which is continually monitored by an on board processor which uses algorithms developed specifically for the unit. An alarm signal is only enabled in the detector once the processor is satisfied that an incipient fire has been detected therby reducing the incidence of nuisance alarms.

‘Drift compensation’ algorithms are one of the key features of the SD-851E detector. These internal algorithms ensure a consistent alarm sensitivity threshold for periods between service intervals. This provides the user with maintenance savings by extending the period before cleaning of the detector chamber is required whilst minimising the risk of nuisance alarms.

The sensitivity of a smoke detector is critical to its overall performance, this is reflected in both its ability to detect real fire conditions and its resilience to non-fire stimuli. The SD-851E’s performance can be optimised for it’s application by selecting from one of three preset alarm thresholds - Low, Medium and High, offering greater stability and optimum performance within the environment in which it has been installed. The selection is easily achieved through the use of a remote hand-held tool.

The remote hand-held programming tool can also be used in conjunction with the PhD series of detectors to gain access to other enhanced features. The features available include: read/write last maintenance date, read chamber contamination level, read value of thermal element and perform an alarm test.
Requires B401D Base - To Be Ordered Seperately - See Related Products

SD-851E Notifier Optical Smoke Conventional Detector Datasheet


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