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EDA Detector Sounder Battery EDA-Q670

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EDA-A200 Electro Detectors Radio Millennium Electronic Sounder (White)

£237.60 (inc VAT) £198.00 (ex VAT)

Product Features

  • Manufacturer : Electro Detectors
  • Part Number : EDA-A200
  • Wireless Wall Mounted Sounder
  • Colour : White
  • For use with the EDA-M100, EDA-M150 and EDA-M200 Control Panels Only
  • Totally Wire-free (Battery Powered - Batteries Included)
  • Entirely Self-contained
  • Adjustable Sound Level
  • Power Source : 2 x Dual Lithium Cell Assembly (1 x EDA-Q620 & 1 x EDA-Q630)
  • Temperature Range : 0°C to + 60°C

Technical Details

EDA-A200 Electro Detectors Millennium Radio Wall Mounted Sounder

Designed to complement the range of Electro Detectors Millennium Radio Fire Alarm equipment, the EDA-A200 electronic sounder is powered entirely by internal batteries, controlled and monitored by radio, producing up to fourteen different sound tones at a sound level equivalent to that of a normalhard wired electronic sounder.
In normal operation the sounder continuously listens via its built in radio receiver to any instruction emanating from its controlling panel. Once operating it continues to listen for further instructions to change tone or silence.
To ensure that the integrity of the communication link is maintained, frequent transmissions are made by the sounder to the control panel so that in the unlikely event of the radio signal failing to reach the panel a fault is reported.


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