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EDA-M100 Electro Detectors Millennium Radio Fire Alarm Control Panel

£1,980.00 (inc VAT) £1,650.00 (ex VAT)

Product Features

  • Manufacturer : Electro Detectors
  • Part Number : EDA-M100
  • Wireless Fire Alarm Control Panel
  • Capable of Connecting Upto 3000 Devices
  • 100 Zones
  • Operating Frequency : 173Mhz

Technical Details

EDA-M100 Electro Detectors Millennium Radio Fire Alarm Control Panel


  • 16 bit processor operating at 16 MHz
  • Surface mount technology gives maximum reliability
  • Dual synthesised transmitter
  • Dual direct conversion receiver
  • Highly visible 8 line liquid crystal display with CCFL backlight
  • Separate 3 digit LED zone indication
  • Fully addressable for 3000 devices
  • Upto 100 Zones
  • Programming via internal keypad and/or PC interface
  • Built in power supply and charger for 12V 7Ah sealed lead acid battery
  • 72 hr standby as standard
  • Attractive compact enclosure permitting siting in restricted space
  • Accepts either in-built helical or remote dipole antennas


  • Secure protocol with complex error checking
  • 1000 event log memory
  • Battery backed memory to prevent loss of operating data
  • Non volatile storage of set-up information
  • 3 level access code to assist in system security
  • Intelligent learn modes to assist in commissioning the system
  • Both sounder tones and sounder zones are uniquely programmable
  • Day and night operating modes
  • Programmable test modes
Electro-Detectors has drawn from 12 years experience of manufacturing radio fire alarm systems and taken into account the changing requirements of the market place to produce a system offering greater controllability of devices from the control panel. The Millennium system is a worthy successor to the well established EDA series.
At the heart of the Millennium system is a compact control panel designed around a 16 bit processor and featuring surface mount technology. 16 times more powerful than its predecessor and capable of supporting 3 times the number of devices, the panel benefits from well designed and clearly labelled operational features. Versatile software means that the Millennium will interface readily with most other hardwired systems and is user friendly.
Programming of devices can be carried out either by direct use of the internal keypad or via the PC interface. Excellent message quality is achieved as a result of a CCFL backlit 8 line liquid crystal display. For a permanent record of messages an optional self contained printer can be specified. As with all Electro-Detectors products, build quality is stringently controlled at every stage ensuring complete reliability of the panel during operation.
The main panel operates as either a stand alone system, or for larger installations, through a network of repeater panels. Electro-Detectors have designed a repeater panel specifically for the purpose, using all the common features of the main panel. The repeater panel is even smaller than the main panel and is intended to be sited in an inconspicuous position, requiring only a mains supply. All communication and data retrieval is accomplished by radio via the main panel.

EDA-M100 Datasheet Page 1

EDA-M100 Datasheet Page 2


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