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EDA-D1000 Electro Detectors Zerio Radio Heat Detector

£149.16 (inc VAT) £124.30 (ex VAT)

Product Features

  • Manufacturer : Electro Detectors
  • Part Number : EDA-Q660
  • For use with the EDA-Z1000 Zerio 8 Zone Control Panel Only
  • Power Source : 1 x Dual Lithium Cell Assembly (EDA-Q660)
  • Temperature Range : -10°C to + 60°C
  • Low Profile
  • Long Operation Life
  • High Sensitivity
  • Stable Operation

Technical Details

EDA-D1000 Electro Detectors Zerio Radio Wireless Heat Detector

The EDA-D1000 Radio Heat Detector from Electro-Detectors represents a new benchmark in terms of what the marketplace can expect from a radio device. The radio detector is the latest development from a company which has over 20 years of designing and manufacturing fire alarm systems. 

Housed in a modern attractive, low profile, moulding the new radio addressable detector contains a powerful processor and utilises surface mount technology to achieve the ultimate in performance and reliability. 

An industry first has been achieved by integrating the radio transmitter, the smoke / heat detection sensors as well as the processor onto a single circuit board reducing size and increasing reliability over multiple assembly designs.

Long operational life, high sensitivity and stable operation has been successfully achieved by using the most technologically advanced components.

Zerio Wireless Fire Alarm System


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