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Zerio Wireless Panel EDA-Z1000

Really good panel to use and program. Can be programmed directly at the panel without needing to use a laptop. Would definately recommend this panel.

Apollo Alarmsense Fire Alarm System Equipment - Two Wire

The Apollo Alarmsense range is a selection of Two Wire Fire Alarm System equipment manufactured by Apollo which allows detectors, call points and sounders to be installed on one zone circuit.  This range is equipment is compatible with Alarmsense panels manufactured by C-Tec, Kentec & Haes.  For more information on the Apollo Alarmsense range call us NOW on 01200 428 410.

Apollo Alarmsense

The Apollo Alarmsense range is a selection of fire alarm devices manufactured by Apollo.  This equipment uses the sames styling as the other ranges available from Apollo such as the XP95 and Series 65 ranges.  These devices are designed to be used on the same zone circuit saving installation time and costs.

Apollo Alarmsense Detectors

The Apollo Alarmsense Detector range includes smoke detectors and a variety of different heat detectors that are compatible with the apollo alarmsense bases, sounder bases and sounderbeacons bases.  These detectors feature an attractive low profile design which would look great in any office, school etc.

Apollo Alarmsense Call Points

The Apollo Alarmsense Call Point range is based upon the popular KAC style call points.  These devices have an attractive modern design which are easily identifiable.

Apollo Alarmsense Sounders

The range includes a selection of sounder and beacon options which can be used with the alarmsense panels.  This range includes sounder bases, sounder beacon bases, wall sounders, wall sounder beacons and wall beacons.

If you're interested in the Apollo Alarmsense range you may also be interested in our Rafiki Twinflex and Call Point Key ranges.

Apollo CTec Electro Detectors Notifier STI Yuasa Apollo CTec Electro Detectors Notifier STI Yuasa Apollo CTec Electro Detectors Notifier STI Yuasa