17Jul 2012
by The Safety Centre

24 V Power Supply

24 V Power Supplies

The Safety Centre have a wide selection of 24 V Power Supply units available.  24V Power Supplies are normally used on fire alarm systems as fire alarm equipment operates on 24V circuits.

24 V Power Supply

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EN54-4 Power Supplies

Our 24 V Power Supply range includes EN54-4 units and dedicated Door Magnet PSU units.  The EN54-4 PSU units are third party approved and feature a standby battery backup facility which operates in the event of a mains failure.  These EN54-4 24 V Power Supply units also feature fault monitoring and have a fault output relay, which can be interfaced with additional equipment to give information of a fault warning.

Door Magnet Power Supply Units

We also have dedicated door magnet power supply units as part of our product portfolio.  These units are available in 250mA and 2A sizes.  The door magnet power supplies don’t have a battery backup facility as they are designed to fail safe in the event of a mains failure.

If you’re interested in our 24 V Power Supply selection you may also be interested in our Door Magnet range.