11Feb 2011
by The Safety Centre

Aico Radio Link Smoke & Heat Detectors

Aico Radio Link

Aico are a well established manufacturer of domestic type interconnectable smoke and heat detectors.  traditionally these devices have been interconnected by using hard-wired cables between the devices.  However Aico have now introduced their range of Radio Link Bases which enable the detectors to communicate with each other using radio communications.  This means that using the Aico Radio Link range of equipment that their is no longer any need to install the interconnecting cables between the points.

What is the Aico Radio Link Base Plate EI168RC?

The Aico Radio Link Base Plate EI168RC is specifically designed to be used with the Aico 160RC range of Detectors and enables the detectors to be inter-connected without the installation of cables between them.  This Radio Link base plate communicates using 868.49Mhz and has a 10 Year Plus Lithium Battery Backup.

This base plate is compatible with the following Aico Domestic Detectors:-

  • Aico EI161RC Ionisation Smoke Detector
  • Aico EI164RC Heat Detector
  • Aico EI166RC Optical Smoke Detector
  • Aico EI407 Radio Call Point
  • Aico EI411H Radio Link Control Switch

Aico Domestic Detectors

For more information on this product range please click the following link:- Aico Radio Link Detectors