17Sep 2012
by The Safety Centre

Apollo 55000-392 Alarmsense Detector and Sounder Set

The Apollo 55000-392 is an optical smoke detector with sounder base set that is designed specifically for use on Apollo Alarmsense Two Wire Fire Alarm Systems.  This set is ideal as it saves having to order up two seperate parts for a single point, as the detector and sounder base come supplied complete in one box.
Apollo 55000-392 Alarmsense Smoke Detector and Sounder Base Set


The Apollo 55000-392 is designed for use on a two wire fire alarm system.  This means that the detector and sounder can be connected to the main control panel using only a single 2 core and earth cable circuit.  Whereas a conventional type fire alarm system will require seperate circuits for both the detector and sounder.  This feature of the Apollo 55000-392 means that installation costs and time can be reduced by installing a single set of cables to the detection and sounder point.

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