20Feb 2013
by Nick Potter

Apollo 55000-620 APO XP95 Optical Smoke Detector – Analogue Addressable VdS

The Apollo 55000-620 is an analogue addressable optical smoke detector which is part of the XP95 range of sensors.  This detector is designed to be VdS compliant.  Like other detectors in the Apollo XP95 range the 55000-620 detector uses the Xpert card addressing system.  This system allows the address number of a device to be set at the base position.  For more information on the Apollo 55000-620 detector call us NOW on 01200 428 410.
Apollo 55000-620 APO XP95 Analogue Addressable Optical Smoke Detector - VdS

The Apollo XP95 range is one selection of analogue addressable type fire alarm system equipment available.  Other analogue addressable ranges from Apollo include the Discovery and Xplorer equipment.  These ranges include a wide range of loop powered devices including smoke detectors, heat detectors, multi-criteria detectors, call points, sounder, beacons and interfaces.  These devices are designed to be positioned on Apollo protocol analogue addressable loop circuits.

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