07Feb 2011
by Nick Potter

Apollo Alarmsense Two Wire Fire Alarm System

Apollo Alarmsense

Apollo are a well renowned manufacturer of Addressable and Conventional / Non-addressable Fire Alarm System products based in the UK.  Their ranges of Apollo XP95 and Series 65 detectors have a reputation as a high quality cost effective product.

Apollo have along with C-Tec now brought out a range of Two Wire fire alarm system equipment.  This range of equipment has been introduced to directly compete with the Fike / Rafiki Twinflex range of Two Wire Fire Alarm System equipment.

So why use Two Wire Fire Alarm Systems?  Two Wire Fire Alarm Systems have several benefits over standard conventional fire alarm systems.  The panel is split into zone circuits as with a standard conventional fire alarm panel, however on an Apollo Alarmsense Two Wire Fire Alarm System the zone circuit can accommodate sounder and beacon units as well as detectors and call points.  This means that you no longer require separate sounder and detection circuits.  This means that installation cost and time can be reduced.

Another benefit of an Apollo Alarmsense Two Wire Fire Alarm System is that the detectors and sounders can also be combined into the same installation point on the same zone circuit.  This is a feature very similar to the Analogue Addressable type systems but without the extra cost of Analogue Addressable Fire Alarm Systems.

For more information on these systems please click the following link:- Two Wire Fire Alarm System