26Jul 2012
by The Safety Centre

Apollo Fire Detectors

The Apollo Fire Detector range includes conventional (non-addressable), analogue addressable and two wire detectors.  This range of Apollo Fire Detectors can be used to create any size of fire alarm system.
Apollo Fire Detectors 

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The Apollo Fire Detectors are split up into the following ranges:-

  • Apollo XP95 – Analogue Addressable
  • Apollo Discovery – Analogue Addressable
  • Apollo Xplorer – Analogue Addressable
  • Apollo Series 65 – Conventional
  • Apollo Orbis – Conventional
  • Apollo Alarmsense – Two Wire

Apollo XP95, Apollo Discovery & Apollo Xplorer

The XP95, Discovery & Xplorer ranges of Apollo Fire Detectors are analogue addressable type sensors.  This means that every sensor on the system has its own unique address.  The advantage of this is that the detector can be easily located via information on the main fire alarm control panel.  These ranges are also Analogue.  This means that the analogue values of the sensing chamber or element is continually being monitored by the fire alarm control panel.  The advantage of this is that panel can give pre-alarm warning when the detector is close to going into an alarm state.

Apollo Series 65 & Orbis

The Apollo Series 65 and Orbis range of conventional fire alarm equipment are ideal for most modern conventional / non-addressable fire alarm systems.  These Apollo Fire Detectors are designed to be used on conventional fire alarm system detection circuits.  these circuits are radial types with an end of line device at the last point on the radial circuit.

Apollo Alarmsense Two Wire Detectors

The Apollo Alarmsense range of detectors are two wire fire alarm system sensors.  This means that they can be used on the same radial circuit as sounders.  Alarmsense Apollo Fire Detectors should only be used with Apollo Alarmsense compatible fire alarm control panels.

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