05Jun 2013
by Nick Potter

Apollo Series 60 Detectors Now Replaced By The Series 65 Range

The Apollo Series 60 Detector range has now been replaced by the Apollo Series 65 selection of conventional detectors. The new range still uses the same bases as the Apollo Series 60 Detectors and can be used as like for like replacements.
Apollo Series 60 Detectors

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The new Apollo Series 65 range of detectors includes optical and ionisation smoke detectors, a selection of heat detectors and multi-criteria detectors.

Apollo Series 60 Smoke Detectors

The Apollo Series 60 smoke sensors have been replaced by the new smoke detectors in the Series 65 range.  These detectors include the following:-

  • Apollo 55000-317 Series 65 Conventional Optical Smoke Detector
  • Apollo 55000-217 Series 65 Conventional Ionisation Smoke Detector

These detectors are designed as direct replacements for the old range of Series 60 smoke detectors, and use the same base, which means that they can be easily swapped.

Apollo Series 60 Heat Detectors and the New Series 65

Again the Apollo Series 60 heat detectors have been replaced by a new selection of Series 65 versions. There are several versions available which should be selected depending on the environment in which they are to be installed.  The new Series 65 versions are listed below:-

  • Apollo 55000-122 Series 65 Conventional Rate of Rise Heat Detector
  • Apollo 55000-127 Series 65 Conventional RoR Heat Detector
  • Apollo 55000-137 Series 65 Conventional Fixed Temperature Heat Detector

These units use the same bases as the older Series 60 range, which again means that they can be used as a like for like replacement.

Apollo Series 60 Detector Bases and the new Series 65

The new Apollo Series 65 range of equipment still uses the original Series 60 detector bases.

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