04Jul 2012
by Nick Potter

Apollo XP95 55000-600 Smoke Detector – Analogue Addressable

Apollo XP95 55000-600 Smoke Detector – Analogue Addressable

The Apollo XP95 55000-600 is an Optical Smoke Detector for use on Apollo XP95 Protocol Analogue Addressable Fire Alarm Systems.  This detector is manufacturer by Apollo Fire who are based in Havant in the UK.

Apollo XP95 55000-600 Optical Smoke Detector

The Apollo XP95 55000-600 Detector is used on several types of open protocol analogue addressable fire alarm systems.  The panel manufacturers which use Apollo XP95 protocol on their loop circuits include C-Tec, Morley, Advanced Electronics, Control Equipment ans also Kentec.

The Apollo XP95 55000-600 Detector uses the Apollo Detectors Base with Xpert cards.  These cards are used to give each sensor a unique address on the fire alarm system.  This address is then used as a reference to assign location text against in the main fire alarm control panel.  This text is then used to identify the location of the detector in the event of a fire alarm activation or fault indication on the detector.

The detector features an optical detection chamber which is continually being monitored for smoke particles.  The detector and fire alarm control panel monitor the analogue levels within the chamber to assess whether a fire alarm activation should occur.  When the obscuration level of the optical source in the detection chamber reaches a pre-determined level, the fire alarm system will then go into an alarm state.

There are many other products within the Apollo XP95 range which can be used to create a fire alarm system for almost any type of enviroment.  These products can be found within The Safety Centre product portfolio.