24Dec 2012
by Nick Potter

Apollo XP95 55000-950 APO Weatherproof Call Point Now Obsolete

The Apollo XP95 55000-950 APO was an addressable weatherproof call point.  This unit was ideal for use in external applications.  This call point has been superseeded by the Apollo Discovery 58100-950 APO which can be used as a replacement for the 55000-950 APO version.
Apollo XP95 55000-950 APO Weatherproof Call Point


The Apollo 58100-950 is part of the Discovery range which can be used on Apollo XP95 loop circuits.  This break glass unit is ideal for external use or areas with a high level of moisture in the enviroment.  It boasts an impressive IP rating of IP67.  It is designed to be loop powered and addressable.  This means that the control panel will give an address number and text location of the Apollo 58100-950 call point once it has been activated.

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