18Feb 2011
by Nick Potter

Briton 996 Electro Magnetic Overhead Door Closer

Briton 996

The Safety Centre can now announce that they have added the Briton 996 Electro Magnetic Door Closer to their range of Fire Alarm Door Detents.

The Briton 996 range comes in a variety of sizes to suit different sized fire doors.  It can also be ordered in both the Push side of the door variant and pull side of the door variant.  If you require a push side of the door variant the Briton 996 figure 1/61 should be ordered, whereas if you require a pull side of the door variant the figure 66 unit should be ordered.

As standard the Briton 996 features both hold open and swing free functions.  The units are certified approved CF109 and have a current consumption of only 90mA.

The Briton 996 range of Electro Magnetic Door Closers are a well renowned unit, with a reputation for high quality and durability.

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