29Apr 2013
by The Safety Centre

Burglar Alarm System Batteries Available To Buy Online

The Safety Centre can supply a selection of 12 volt batteries ideal for use in Burglar Alarm Systems. These batteries are available in a variety of capacities depending on the size required in your Burglar Alarm System panel. More statistics on burglarly can be found on the Office for National Statistics website.
Burgular Alarm System Batteries

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Our Burgular Alarm System Batteries range features batteries manufactured by some of the worlds largest battery manufacturers. These manufacturers include Yuasa, Enersys and Powersonic.

Yuasa Burglar Alarm Batteries

The Yuasa NP and Yucel ranges are ideal batteries for use in intruder alarm systems. These batteries have been designed specifically for standby use and are available in a variety of sizes.  The Yuasa NP2.1-12 is an extremely popular battery for use in burgular alarm systems.

Enersys & Powersonic Security Alarm Battery Range

Along with the Yuasa range both Enersys and Powersonic also have batteries suitable for use in security systems. If you’re interested in these products you may also be interested in our Yucel Y7-12 and MK Emergency Lighting Test Key products.


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