16Jul 2013
by Nick Potter

C-Tec CFP Fire Alarm Panel Range

C-Tec are one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of fire safety system equipment. They have a proven track record for producing cost effective high quality fire alarm control panels ideal for use in the UK market. Their latest offering in their conventional / non-addressable fire alarm panel range is the CFP range of panels. The C-Tec CFP Fire Alarm Panel range has various zone sizes available to suit the buildings requirements.  It is also available in conventional 4 wire and Alarmsense two wire system versions.
C-Tec CFP Panel


C-Tec CFP 2 Zone Fire Alarm Panel – CFP702-4

The entry level C-Tec CFP Panel is the CFP702-4. This panel is ideal for smaller fire alarm system installations. It features two conventional detection zone circuits and four conventional sounder circuits.  It has a code and keyswitch entry facility which gives the user access to the user function control keys on the front of the control panel. As with all the C-Tec CFP Panels this version features a standby battery backup facility which ensures the panel is still operational even in the event of a mains power failure.

C-Tec CFP 4 Zone Fire Alarm Control Panel – CFP704-4

The C-Tec CFP704-4 Fire Alarm Panel is the next size up from the 2 zone version. It features four monitored detection zone circuits. These circuits are suitable for installing conventional type smoke and heat detectors along with manual call point units. This panel also features 4 24V dc sounder circuits which are suitable for use with 24V dc fire alarm sounders and beacons which give an audible and visual warning in the event of the C-Tec CFP Panel detecting a fire.

C-Tec CFP 8 Zone Fire Alarm Control Panel – CFP708-4

The largest panel in the C-Tec CFP Panel range is the CFP708-4. This panel is suitable for large conventional fire alarm system installations and has eight conventional detection circuits. In addition to this panel there is also an 8 zone CFP repeater panel available. This is known as the C-Tec CFP760K. This panel is designed to allow a second position where the fire alarm control panel can be controlled from.

If you’re interested in this range of equipment you may also be interested in the C-Tec XFP Fire Panel and Apollo Series 65 Detectors ranges. If you would like more information then please contact us.

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