11Jul 2012
by Nick Potter

C-Tec Dementia Care

C-Tec Dementia Care Product Range

The Safety Centre have now added the new C-Tec Dementia Care product range to their product portfolio.  This range of products compliment the C-Tec Quantec Call System, yet it is specifically designed for Dementia Care purposes.

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The C-Tec Dementia Care range includes a main master controller unit.  This unit is designed to sit on a C-Tec Quantec network.  The C-Tec Dementia Care master controller unit communicates with the Room Status Indicators and Sensors.

The C-Tec Dementia Care Range features several specilised products.  These are as follows:-

QT630 Dementia Care Controller

The C-Tec QT630 is the Master Controller Panel for use with the C-Tec Dementia Care products.  It features all of the inputs, outputs, timers and power required for the connection of PIR
movement detectors, an enuresis sensor, bed exit mats, low voltage LED lighting, door monitoring contacts, slave infrared ceiling receivers, slave overdoor lights, a room status controller and more.

C-Tec QT631K & C-Tec QT631M Room Status Controllers

These Allows staff to isolate certain functions (e.g. PIRs during daytime hours), to put the room into ‘Presence’ and to reset calls using a magnetic swipe key or normal key.. Can also be interfaced to a doorbell unit (when the patient presses the doorbell a call is activated).

C-Tec QT636 Interface Unit

The C-Tec QT636 includes a remote jack socket that can be configured for normally open or normally closed operation.Typically used to connect QT633 bed exit mats or other ancillary calling devices to systems that do not wish to use Quantec’s enuresis (bed wet) sensing function.

C-Tec QT637 Double Interface Unit

The C-Tec QT637 includes two remote jack sockets, one for a QT635 enuresis sensor and one
for a QT633 bed exit mat or other ancillary calling device. Fully isolated and medical directive compliant. Requires a PP3 battery (not supplied).

C-Tec QT635 Enuresis Sensor

The C-Tec QT635 Enuresis Sensor triggers a call when moisture is detected in a patient’s bed. Typically placed between the bedsheet and mattress. Measures 80cm x 12cm and connects to a QT637 Enuresis/bed exit interface socket. Can be wiped clean using a non-caustic sanitiser
making it suitable for multiple use.

C-Tec QT633 Bed Exit Mat

The C-Tec QT633 Senses the pressure change when a patient exits or returns to bed. Measures 80cm x 10cm and connects to a QT637 Enuresis/bed exit interface socket or a QT636 interface unit. Typically placed horizontally between the bedsheet and mattress.

C-Tec QT634 Chair Exit Mat

The C-Tec QT634 Chair Exit Mat senses the pressure change when a patient exits or sits back down on a chair. Measures 40cm x 25cm and connects to a QT637 Enuresis/bed exit interface socket or QT636 interface unit. Note that QT644 floor pressure mats are also available.

If you’re interested in the C-Tec Dementia Care range you may also be interested in the C-Tec Quantec Call System and C-Tec 800 Series Call System.