10Apr 2013
by Nick Potter

C-Tec ZFP Analogue Addressable Fire Alarm Panel Range Out Soon – April 2013

C-Tec are due to launch their new offering into the fire alarm system market place. This system is known as the C-Tec ZFP. The C-Tec ZFP fire alarm control panels will be available from 2 to 8 loops in size and will be networkable. This system will support the Apollo analogue addressable fire alarm protocol devices. For more information on the C-Tec ZFP Fire Alarm Panels call us today on 01200 428 410.
C-Tec ZFP Fire Alarm Panel Range

This range of control panels is designed to compliment the successful range of C-Tec XFP Fire Alarm Control panels and will allow C-Tec to offer fire detection solutions for much larger buildings without the need to network smaller panels together.

C-Tec ZFP Fire Alarm System Touch Screen Operation

The C-Tec ZFP Panel features an attractive touch screen display which allows the user and engineer to control the functions of the fire alarm system once the enable key has been turned.  This touch screen is featured on both the main control panel and also the compact controller units which can also be networked to the fire system.  These compact controllers are ideal for use in reception areas where they give control functions to the ZFP fire system and also provide full network information.

C-Tec ZFP Fire Alarm System Compact Controller

C-Tec ZFP Fire Alarm System Compact Controller

If you’re interested in the C-Tec ZFP Fire Alarm Panels you may also be interested in the C-Tec XFP Fire Alarm Panel and C-Tec EFP Panel ranges.

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