11Feb 2011
by Nick Potter

Call Points

Fire Alarm Call Point

Call Points whether they are conventional or addressable come is two types; flush and surface mounted.  So what is the difference between the two?

Flush Mounted Call Points

Flush mounted conventional call points are designed to be mounted on a wall where the cables to the call point are concealed within the fabric of the wall.  These call points are supplied without a backbox.  The flush mounted call points give a very neat looking installation when positioned correctly in place.  A flush mounted call point would generally be used in the construction of new buildings and extensive refurbishments.

Surface Mounted Call Points

Surface Mounted Call Points are designed to be positioned directly onto a wall using a backbox.  The backbox allows space behind the call point unit to terminate the cables.  These types of call points are generally used in industrial applications where the finished look is not as important as in public areas.

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