21Dec 2012
by Nick Potter

Car Fire Extinguishers Ideal To Keep In The Boot

The Safety Centre have a range of small sized fire extinguishers which are ideal to keep in the boot of your car for use in the event of an emergency.  The ideal type of extinguisher for a car is a Dry Powder Extinguisher which is versatile enough to tackle of wide range of fire types.
Car Fire Extinguisher


Our car fire extinguishers are available in a 1Kg and 2Kg size.  In addition to car fire extinguishers we also have a wide range of Water, Foam, Dry Powder, Wet Chemical and Carbon Dioxide units available.  In addition to these we have the Jalite selection of Fire Extinguisher ID Signs.

If you’re interested in Car Fire Extinguishers you may also be interested in our Fire Extinguisher ID Signs and Fire Extinguisher Stands.