17Sep 2015
by Nick Potter

D-Line Clips Helping Comply With Wiring Regulations

It’s time to talk about trunking, or rather recent changes to law which requires you to use metallic clips to fully support fire cables in the event of a fire. Designers and installers will now have to comply with amendment 3 to the 17th edition (BS7671:2015) Wiring Regulations with the use non-combustible methods of cable containment for all cables in any and all areas of a building that could be considered an escape route.
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The publication of amendment 3 to the 17th edition (BS7671:2015) Wiring Regulations states under section521.11 that ‘wiring systems in escape routes shall be supported in such a way that they will not be liable to premature collapse in the event of a fire.’ But prior to this, it was already a requirement that surface mounted performance cables must be secured using metallic fixings that could withstand the same temperature’s and vibrations the cable they support can.

The Safety Centre is now stocks a full range of D-Line Clips, ensuring you comply with chapter 52 of amendment 3. Available in 30mm, 40mm sand 50mm, the D-Line clips begin at only £0.38 ex VAT. The D-Line Clips are manufactured from high temperature steel with a gold passivated finish, and be folded to secure cable. And as ever our friendly and helpful sales team will be able to guide you through your cable and trunking requirements on 01200 428410 or email sales@thesafetycentre.co.uk.

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