20Jun 2011
by Nick Potter

Derby Homes Choose Aico Smoke Detectors

Derby Homes Choose Aico Smoke Detectors

Derby Homes, which manages properties for Derby City Council, has standardised on the Aico Ei160 Series mains powered smoke alarms with their Radiolink wireless base units which interconnect the Ei160 devices wirelessly.

Aico Ei160 Series

The change to using the Aico smoke detectors comes after Derby Homes opted to create a more fully integrated supply chain in order to lower costs, make their systems more efficient, make an impact on  lowering wastage and achieving environmental targets.

The Senior Contracts Surveyor for Dery Homes, Steve Giblenn states that as every part of the supply chain is now co-operating in partnership, Derby Homes have seen major improvements in terms of lower costs, improved efficiency and less waste.  Derby Homs were initially sceptical about using the Aico Ei160 range of products as they are more expensive than some of the traditional domestic detectors on the market.  However using the RadioLink Bases they have in reality been able to save money overall by utilising smarter, more reliable products which a better suited to their requirements than other products which are available.

Aico have made a great effort to reduce the amout of packaging with their Aico Smoke Detectors range.  In addition to this the boxes in which they are supplied are quite often used to return old alarms back to their suppliers.  Thesee boxes are then passed back to the manufacturer for recycling.  The detectors are being installed as part of the Derby Homes regular replacement programme, and also when they perform a periodic electrical check as a property becomes void.  Where existing hard-wired interconnected detectors are already in place, Ei166 Optical Smoke Detectors are used as replacements.  Where there are no existing hardwired link cables between the detectors, then the RadioLink bases are utilised to connect the aico smoke detectors together using radio communications.  Since August 2007 they have installed 1,892 Ei160 Series Smoke Detectors in homes, 709 in flats and using a further 982 radiolink bases where existing cables linking the detectors together were not already in place.

Derby Homes state that using Aico has helped them to be  even more successful of late.  They feel that  they’ve considerably reduced their cost per unit by using Aico Smoke Detectors, and that they are getting much better value for money.  They are now attending far fewer call outs for smoke alarm issues, which is both cutting costs and reducing the environmental impact of the visit.

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