27Jun 2011
by Nick Potter

Disabled Refuge System Installed at Chester University

C-Tec Disabled Refuge System Installed at Chester University

The SigTel Disabled Refuge manufactured by C-Tec has beeen chosen to protect the occupants of buildings at Chester University.

Disabled Refuge System at the Best Building, Chester University 

The C-Tec Sigtel Disabled Refuge System was selected to be installed in one of Chester Universities grandest buildings as part of a near one million pound rennovation of the building.  The Sigtel features an 8 line master control panel which is connected to the outstations around the building by ‘enhanced’ fire proof cable.  The main sigtel control panel is situated on the ground floor and communicates to the outstations which are positioned one the stairwell landings around the building.  This system allows a full two way means of communication and allows security staff or site staff to communicate with building occupants whho require assistance to evacuate the building in the event of a fire alarm activation.  This not only speeds up search times for people within the building, but also gives people confidence that help is on the way.

Disabled Refuge System - C-Tec Sigtel

The C-Tec Disabled Refuge System is fully compliant to BS5839-9 and is also extremely flexible.  The system can not only be used for smaller applications, it is also modular and is  capable of accomodating upto 128 lines.  This means that the system is more than capable of being used in much larger buildings.  Examples of the types of sites where this disabled reefuge system would be suiitable are sports facilities, large public buildings, museums, office blocks etc.

The C-Tec Disabled Refuge System has a number of peripheral options available, such as modular multi line expansions, stainless steel bezels and doors, stainless steel outstations, outstations with or without handsets.

Other examples of sites which have also opted to install C-Tec Sigtel Disabled Refuge Systems are the Vue Cinema in Newbury, Hounslow Crown  Court Building, IKEA Flagship Store in Belfast and the Eddie Read Swimming and Div Complex in Southampton to name but a few.

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