28Jul 2012
by The Safety Centre

EDA-M200 Electro Detectors Millennium 20 Zone Wireless Fire Alarm Panel

The EDA-M200 is a Wireless Fire Alarm Control Panel from Electro Detectors.  This panel is a 20 zone panel suitable for small to medium sized applications.


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The EDA-M200 Wireless Fire Alarm Panel is capable of supporting upto 999 devices and 5 additional control or booster panels.  It uses an operating frequency of 173Mhz and is compatible with the Electro Detectors Millennium Wireless Fire Alarm Device range, that also use the 173Mhz operating frequency.

To compliment the EDA-M200 panel there is also the EDA-M350.  This is a signal booster panel that is designed to relay the radio signals from the EDA-M200 panel to other areas around a building.  The panel has a battery backup facility which means that the panel will continue to operate in the event of a mains power failure.

If you’re interested in the EDA-M200 panel you may also be interested in our Wireless Fire Alarms and HyFire Wireless Fire Alarm ranges.