08Aug 2012
by Nick Potter

EDA-R300 Battery

EDA-R300 Spare Battery

The EDA-R300 is an optical smoke detector for use on the Electro Detectors Millennium Wireless Fire Alarm System.  This detector is entirely battery powered.  Once the low battery warning for the detector has shown on the main control panel, the battery pack should be changed.  The EDA-R300 detector requires the EDA-Q660 battery pack as pictured below:-



The EDA-Q660 is a 2 cell lithium battery assembly specifically designed for use on Electro Detectors Wireless Fire Alarm Devices.  The EDA-Q660 is also compatible with the following devices:-

  • EDA-J300 Millennium Wireless Smoke Detector
  • EDA-S300 Millennium Wireless Heat Detector
  • EDA-D300 Millennium Wireless Heat Detector
  • EDA-R500 Millennium Wireless Smoke Detector
  • EDA-J500 Millennium Wireless Smoke Detector
  • EDA-S500 Millennium Wireless Heat Detector
  • EDA-D500 Millennium Wireless Heat Detector
  • EDA-R1000 Zerio Wireless Smoke Detector
  • EDA-D1000 Zerio Wireless Heat Detector

Please Note:  The colour and size of the cells may vary, as the design of the EDA-Q660 battery pack has changed over the years.

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