12Aug 2013
by Nick Potter

EN54-23 Compliant Beacons & Strobes Available Now

You may be aware that legislation has changed which requires strobe and beacon units to be compliant to EN54-23. The Safety Centre are introducing a selection of strobes and beacons to our product range which are compliant to the required standards.
Fulleon ROLP LX EN54-23 Sounder Beacon

Fulleon EN54-23 Compliant Combined Sounder Beacons and Strobes

Fulleon are one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of fire safety sounder and beacon units.  They have introduced a range of devices compliant to EN54-23.  This range includes the ROLP LX Combined Sounder Beacon and also stand alone wall mounted and ceiling mounted flashing strobes.  To meet the requirements on EN54-23 they are designed to provide illumination levels of 0.4lux/m squareover entire area.

If you’re interested in these product you may also be interested in our Fulleon Symphoni Sounders and Fulleon Call Points ranges. If you would like more information then please contact us.

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