12Aug 2013
by The Safety Centre

EN54-23 Compliant Beacons & Strobes Available Now

You may be aware that legislation has changed which requires strobe and beacon units to be compliant to EN54-23.  The Safety Centre are introducing a selection of strobes and beacons to our product range which are compliant to the required standards.  For more information on EN54-23 Sounder and Strobes call us NOW on 01200 428 410 or use the Livechat facility below.
Fulleon ROLP LX EN54-23 Sounder Beacon

Fulleon EN54-23 Compliant Combined Sounder Beacons and Strobes

Fulleon are one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of fire safety sounder and beacon units.  They have introduced a range of devices compliant to EN54-23.  This range includes the ROLP LX Combined Sounder Beacon and also stand alone wall mounted and ceiling mounted flashing strobes.  To meet the requirements on EN54-23 they are designed to provide illumination levels of 0.4lux/m squareover entire area.

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