25Jun 2012
by Nick Potter

Enhance Safety in Your New Work Place with Wireless Fire Alarm System Equipment

Moving to a brand new work place can be a stressful process. From moving the office equipment to reconnecting your work force to the internet, changing your forwarding mail address to buying in new office furniture, there’s so much to think about that basic safety measures can sometimes slip your mind. Fire alarms and fire extinguishers are a crucial part of office safety precautions and as a legal requirement, it is essential that you make sure these provisions are catered for.
Alerting your employees to danger, fire alarms play a major role in fire safety. Fire extinguishers can, in some cases, prevent outbreaks of fire from spreading if caught in the early stages. Ensuring your building is protected is crucial, not just for the wellbeing of your work force but for your business premises and equipment and that is why protecting your property is so important.

Here at The Safety Centre, we stock a wide range of fire alarms, fire extinguishers and wireless fire alarm systems to ensure that your workplace is protected as best as it can be. Supplying a full range of Electro Detectors (EDA) Radio Wireless Fire Alarm System Equipment, we are one of theUK’s leading distributors of wireless fire alarm systems.

Our Electro Detector panels are just as reliable as wired fire alarm systems and with a great improvement in radio technology over the past few years, they are a great investment for any domestic or commercial property.


So if you’re moving to a new office this summer, make sure that fire safety doesn’t slip your mind. Protect your employee’s and your work place with our fantastic range of fire alarms, fire extinguishers and wireless fire alarm systems. Browse our range of products and make sure you’re office meets fire safety regulations so you can make your move as safe as it is successful.