06Jul 2011
by Nick Potter

Exit Stopper Prevents Fire Door Misuse

Exit Stopper Prevents Fire Door Misuse

The new Exit Stopper from STI Europe is said to be a highly effective way to stop unauthorised use of emergency exits.  It also serves as an inexpensive security device which helps stop theft.

Exit Stopper 

If a protected exit is opened, the unit emits an ear piercing 97 dB alarm.  Once the door is closed a number of reset options are available including an automatic function.  A key for authorised personnel can be used to override the alarm.  The tough polycarbonate housing of the exit stopper also provides a highly visible deterrent.

With multiple fitting options, the exit stopper can protect single or double doors with any style of door mounting and can be installed and protecting doors within minutes.  The alarm can be powered by an internal battery or externally from 12 or 24V dc.  With multiple user programmable features the unit is a flexible security product that can solve, it is claimed, almost all alarm door applications.

Another feature of the exit stopper unit is the door ‘Prop Mode’.  When set to this, the unit monitors the opening and closing of doors.  As long as it is opened and subsequently closed within a preset period the exit stopper alarm remains dormant.  If, however, the door is held open after a preset period the unit will go into alarm until it is closed.  Once closed, the stopper then resets.  This is a very useful mode of operation to protect fire doors in corridors from being held or propped open and therby comprimising the fire safety of the building.

A full range of these products can be found on The Safety Centre including the STI 6400 and are available in both Red and Green colour options.  There is also a range of mounting options available including a two door option.  Further products from STI Europe are also available such as the call point stopper ranges, fire equipment protection cages and key boxes.

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