19Oct 2012
by Nick Potter

Fettes College Invest In Fire Alarm Testing Equipment

Fettes College recently showed their commitment to Fire Alarm Testing by purchasing equipment from The Safety Centre.  It is the responsibility of the persons responsible for their fire alarms to ensure that a weekly test is carried out on a fire alarm system once a week to ensure correct operation.
Fire Alarm Testing


The Safety Centre have a full range of fire alarm testing equipment which includes call point keys, aerosol smoke detector testing cannisters all the way upto professional fire alarm testing kits.  These test kits are available in various sizes which allow the testing of detectors upto a height of 9 metres.  These are fire alarm testing devices available for testing both smoke and heat detectors.

Fettes College Crest

If you’re interested in our fire alarm testing range you may also be interested in our wireless fire alarm and call point key ranges.