02Mar 2011
by Nick Potter

Fire Alarm BS5839

Fire Alarm BS5839 Systems

BS5839 is the British Standard relevant to fire alarm systems in the UK.  It is split up into several sections detailing recommendations to which fire alarm systems should adhere to, to be able to be classified a BS5839 fire alarm system.

For the fire alarm BS5839 details several guidelines including system classifications, detector spacing, fire equipment mounting heights, fire alarm installation, fire alarm maintenance and fire alarm commissioning amongst others.

System Categories

The standard lists several design categories as to which fire alarms can be designed to.  These are split into category L systems, category P systems and Category M systems.  A fire alarm BS5839 category L system is designed to protect life within a building.  BS5839 category L systems are split into sub-categories.  These categories are L1, L2, L3, L4 and L5.  Each system category is designed primarily to protect life although the extent of the system design changes from each sub-category.

A Fire Alarm BS5839 category P systems are designed primarily to protect property. Again category P systems are split into sub-categories, these are P1 & P2 systems.  The coverage of the system changes from category to category.

A Fire Alarm BS5839 category M system is a manual activation only system.  These systems will include call points on all final exits and entrances to stairwells.

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