18Jan 2013
by Nick Potter

Fire Alarm Panel Batteries

Fire Alarm Panel Batteries are used in fire alarm control panels to give a fire alarm system a backup power system in the event of a mains failure.  This ensures that the panel will keep operating correctly and continue protecting the building effectively.  We have a range of batteries that are suitable for use with fire alarm control panels.
Fire Alarm Panel Batteries


Each Fire Alarm Control Panel takes different sized batteries dependant on the size and capability of the control panel.  The battery range featured on The Safety Centre have some of the most commonly used batteries used in fire alarm control panels in the market today.  This range of batteries features products from Yuasa, Powersonic and Enersys.  These manufacturers are some of the largest and highest quality battery manufacturers in the world.  If you have any queries on fire alarm panel batteries please call us NOW on 01200 428 410.

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