20Feb 2011
by Nick Potter

Fire Alarm Sounders

Electronic Fire Alarm Sounders

One of the most important parts of a fire alarm system are the sounders.  Once a detector or call point has been activated the fire alarm system needs to inform the occupants of a building that they need to begin evacuating the building.

Generally fire alarm sounders are red, however other colours such as white are sometimes used to enhance the aesthetics of a building.  There are many different types of fire alarm sounders from the more traditional mechanical bell sounders, to modern electronic and speech sounders.  BS5839 makes various recommendations in relation to fire alarm sounders within a building.  In general the sound levels within a building should be 65dBa or 5dBa above the ambient noise level.  However where people are sleeping within a building the noise levels generated by the fire alarm sounders should be 75dBa at the bedhead.

Fire Alarm Sounders can be incorporated on analogue addressable loop type fire alarm circuits, where the sounders are positioned on the same loop as the detectors and call points.  Whereas on conventional / non-addressable type fire alarm systems the fire alarm sounders usually have their own radial circuit coming from the panel.

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