30Sep 2013
by Nick Potter

Fire Alarm System Equipment Supplied To Dubai

The Safety Centre are pleased to announce our export delivery service of fire safety and alarm system equipment to Dubai. Based in Clitheroe, Lancashire, we have a dedicated export department that regularly sends shipments to the Middle East. The shipments include all of health and safety technology such as fire alarm systems.

For more information on this service, and sending health and safety goods worldwide, please email us on sales@thesafetycentre.co.uk.
Fire Alarm System Equipment Dubai

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As we’re sure you are aware, over the last couple of decades places in the Middle East such as Dubai, Qatar, Bahrain, Abu Dhabi, have seen expotential growth. This has led to an influx of business and population. They now host global events including Business Conventions, Formula 1 and in the case of Qatar, a scheduled FIFA World Cup in 2022. The region has become an import business hub and tourist destination. With many international offices of household names representing diverse industries operating in the Gulf. The Safety Centre are proud to fit into this global jigsaw, through supplying vitally important health and safety components such as fire alarms. 

Fire Alarm System Panels Supplied To Dubai

At The Safety Centre, we have a wide variety of fire alarm system panels available including; conventional, analogue addressable and wireless types.
We supply panels from some of the worlds leading fire alarm system manufacturers such as Morley IAS, Gent by Honeywell, Notifier, C-Tec, Advanced Electronics, Kentec and many more. These panels are available for shipping to Dubai. If you’re interested in these panels please complete our international shipment enquiry and we will provide a quotation including shipping.

Fire Alarm System Detectors Supplied To Dubai

In addition to our wide range of panels, we also have hundreds a different detector types available. These detectors are from some of the worlds leading fire safety system manufacturers. Available in non-addressable, analogue addressable and wireless versions, these systems are world class.

If you’re interested in these service you may also be interested in our The Fire Beam Company and Temporary Fire Alarm Systems ranges. If you would like more information then please contact us.

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