11Jul 2012
by The Safety Centre

Fire Call Point

Fire Alarm Call Point Range

Fire Call Points are required on both conventional / non-addressable fire alarm systems and analogue addressable fire alarm systems.  These are required on every exit from a building to the open air aswell as the entrance to every stairwell on floors other than the ground floor.

Fire Call Point

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The Safety Centre have Fire Call Point items from several manufacturers.  All of these fire call points can be used on fire alarm systems within the UK.  These manufacturers include KAC, Fulleon, Cranford Controls, Notifier, Morley, Ziton, STI and many more.

Modern Fire Call Point units are available with both glass elements and plastic resettable elements.  Fire Call Points with resettable elements are ideal for kitchen environments as there is no chance of glass fragments contaminating food products.  They also don’t require the glass to be replaced once the fire call point has been activated.  The break glass can be easily set back to normal using the specialist reset key.

The Safety Centre also features fire call points in a variety of colours.  These different coloured devices are designed for use with different types of systems, such as Green Emergency Door Release Call Point for Access Control Systems as pictured below.

Emergency Door Release Call Point


In addition to the green and red units, The Safety Centre also features Blue and Yellow break glass devices.

If you’re interested in these Fire Call Point units, you may also be interested in our Call Point Key range.