12Jul 2012
by Nick Potter

Fire Detection Alarm System

Fire Detection Alarm Systems For Buildings

A Fire Detection Alarm System is an electronic system normally installed within buildings that is intended to act as an early warning system to inform the occupants of a building that smoke or heat has been detected within the premises.  The traces of smoke or heat are detected by specialist smoke or heat detectors positioned around the building.  When these devices are activated the Fire Detection Alarm System then instructs the sounder and flashing beacons incorporated within the system to operate.

Fire Detection Alarm System

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The Safety Centre are specialists in Fire Detection Alarm System equipment.  We have employees with decades of years experience in these systems.  The product portfolio also features products from many of the worlds leading manufacturers of Fire Detection Alarm System devices.  Including some of the most cutting edge technology currently available today.

Within the UK many Insurance Companies, Fire Officers, Building Control Officers and Health and Safety advisors are insisting that buildings are keeping upto date and complying with fire alarm legislation by installing modern Fire Detection Alarm Systems.

If you have any Fire Detection Alarm System requirements don’t hesitate to contact us NOW on 01200 428 410 and ask to speak to our friendly customer service team.

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