10Feb 2011
by Nick Potter

Fire Exit Door Alarm

STI Door Alarms

In many buildings there is often unauthorised use of Fire Exit Doors and Emergency Exit Doors.  The Safety Centre now has a product in it’s portfolio which is designed to reduce the chances of unauthorised use of these doors.

This can be achieved by installing a STI-6400 Fire Exit Door Alarm on the door.  This unit is designed to be positioned next to the door and emits an alarm signal when the door is opened.  These units also feature a key switch override facility which when used allows occupants of the building to pass through the door without the alarm sounding.

The Fire Exit Door Alarms are available in red or green and are powered by a 9V PP3 battery which is included with the product.  The unit has a robust polycarbonate outer casing and is highly visible with a STOP message which also discourages the use of the door.

For More Information On This Range Please Click The Following Link:-  Fire Exit Door Alarms