07Jun 2012
by Nick Potter

Fire Exit Signs | Emergency Exit Sign

Fire Exit Signs

In case of fire emergencies buildings should have fire exit signs positioned correctly around the building to highlight the best and most direct escape routes around a building.

Fire Exit Signs

The fire exit signs supplied by The Safety Centre come in a variety of sizes and shapes.  This range of fire exit signs also come in a photoluminescent material which glows in the dark in the event of a lighting failure.  This also people to follow the emergency exit sign route to the nearest and most direct exit.  Providing people with a clear a direct route out of the building means that building evacuation times are dramitically reduced and the chances of people being trapped in the building is also reduced.

These safety signs are available with different arrow directions, which means that the signs can be easily positioned to give a clear evacuation route from the building.

In addition to fire exit signs, The Safety Centre can provide a wide variety of signage which can be used to comply with Uk health and safety legislation.