26Jan 2011
by Nick Potter

Fire Log Books

Fire Alarm Log Books

Fire Log Books are a great way to ensure that managers of buildings meet the requirements of Health & Safety and Fire Safety regulations.

The new Fire Log Books which are on the market in the UK offer a basic guide for company management and in conjunction with guidelines laid down in the Fire Management Plan are aimed at reducing the risk of fire in the workplace.

Within the Fire Log Book are various sections detailing measures which should be taken reduce the fire risk in a workplace.  These sections are as follows:-

  • Frequency of Tests required for Fire Alarm & Detection Systems, Emergency Lighting, Fire Equipment, Hose Reels, Fire Exit Doors, Sprinklers, Fire Training and Means of Escape, Fire Signage & Notices.
  • The requirements for Portable Fire Equipment including Fire Extinguishers & Hose Reels.  The fire log book includes a section to list the locations of the equipment and a log the weekly checks of the equipment and any faults found.
  • The requirements for the Fire Alarm & Detection System Equipment including a section for recording the location of call points to be tested on the weekly test and a log section for recording the Fire Alarm & Detection equipment test records.
  • The requirements for the Means of Escape from the building including fire signage and notices.  Including a monthly inspection log of the escape routes, fire doors and fire exit doors.
  • A log for Fire Safety Training where the fire training record carried out can be recorded and dated.
  • A section for recording Fire Safety Evacuation Drills including the date of the drill, type of drill, evacuation time, person / department receiving drill and any observations made by the drill instructor.
  • A section detailing the test records for the Emergency Lighting system including a section to record faults and action which is needed to rectify the faults.
  • A section to record electrical installation and equipment inspections.
  • A final section showing a blank company hot work permit to be completed whenever hot work is carried out.

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