26Sep 2012
by Nick Potter

Fireco Dorgard Available In Black, Red, White and Mahogany

The Fireco Dorgard range which are accoustically operated door closers are now available in a selection of colours.  These units are available in Black, Red, White and Mahogany colours.
Fireco Dorgard


The Fireco Dorgard is a stand alone completely battery powered unit designed to be installed directly onto a fire door.  They are designed to hold a fire door open and to release it upon the activation of the fire alarm system.  They are accoustically operated which means that they will activate and release the door on hearing a fire alarm system sounder of a sound level over 65dBA.  The Fireco Dorgard complies with BS EN 1155 and are accepted by fire brigades as a fire door closing mechanism.

If you’re interested in the Fireco Dorgard you may also be interested in our Fireco Deafgard and Briton 996 door closer ranges.