22Mar 2019
by Nick Potter

Firexo Fire Extinguisher Range Now Available!

The Safety Centre are pleased to introduce the new revolutionary Firexo Fire Extinguishers.  New to the market in 2019, this extinguisher is suitable for all fire types.

Firexo Fire Extinguisher Range

Firexo Fire Extinguisher

The Firexo extinguishers come in a range of sizes to suit both household and business use.  Firexo Extinguishers are recommended for small businesses, such as restaurants and office spaces, or larger homes. There are 2, 6 and 9 litre versions – allowing you to choose the sizes that suit your needs, and satisfy a fire risk assessment. Firexo is a ‘one size fits all’, as it is suitable for all fires. There is no need for various types of extinguisher at each location.  As the Firexo extinguishers are highly effective a smaller unit is needed. Less space and easier and lighter to manage.

Firexo Fire Extinguisher Spray Can

The Firexo Spray Can go with you wherever you go and stay protected in an emergency.  The Firexo Spray Can is ideal for your glovebox or camping equipment, so you have it in case of an emergency while on the go.  It’s also ideal for workman tool kits and vehicles so traders are always prepared for an emergency.

Firexo Fire Extinguisher Sachet

Firexo fire Extinguisher Sachet

In addition to the Firexo Fire Extinguisher and can ranges, there is also a sachet available specifically for use on pan fires in kitchen areas.  The Firexo Sachet is a compact solution, designed to extinguish all pan fires quickly and safely, while reducing the risk of reignition.  The Firexo sachet is easy to use – there is no need to open the Sachet – the fire ruptures the sachet and the fluid disperses and extinguishes the fire.

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