19Oct 2015
by Nick Potter

Flood It With light – PRIME8 Is Here!

There’s no denying that winter is here, the nights are drawing in and daylight hours are getting shorter. The Safety Centre has the perfect product to help with the diminishing light whilst working on a project! The Flood It PRIME8 is a portable, rechargeable LED light. The device is an ideal tool for tradesmen as it can easily provide an impressive working light in situations where light levels may be low or not available.
Flood It PRIME8 Portable LED Lighting

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Giving out 20W of light or 1800 lummens of light output, this IP65 unit is red in colour and comes supplied with both a mains and car charger unit. The FLOOD IT PRIME8 gives up-to 8 hours operating time from the rechargeable battery.

You may also be interested in Flood It Pro6 or Flood It Heavy Duty.

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