02Aug 2012
by Nick Potter

Gent S4-770 Vigilon Optical Heat Detector Sounder

Gent S4-770

The Gent S4-770 is a combined detectors designed for use on the Gent Vigilon range of Analogue Addressable Fire Alarm Systems.  The Gent S4-700 Vigilon Detector uses the Gent S4-700 standard detector base.

Gent S4-770


The Gent S4-770 Detector has both an optical detection element and a thermal heat detection element.  This means that the Gent S4-770 is ideal for reducing false alarms on the system and is suitable for installation in hotel bedrooms where standard smoke detectors may be activated from steam from showers.

The Gent S4-770 also features an integral sounder within the detector housing.  This allows the detector to act as a sensing point and audible alarm point.  This feature means that installation costs and time can be reduced as a seperate sounder does not need to be installed.

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