04Apr 2013
by Nick Potter

Gent Xenex Fire Alarm Panel Motherboards Now Available

The Safety Centre are pleased to announce the arrival of the spare / replacement Gent Xenex Motherboards for the Xenex range of conventional fire alarm control panels.  These items are ideal replacement parts for faulty or damaged motherboards.  They allow the circuit boards of the Gent Xenex Fire Alarm Control Panel to be replaced without having to purchase a whole new panel.  Fore more information on these products call us NOW on 01200 428 410.
Gent Xenex Motherboard


The Gent Xenex Motherboard is available in various zone sizes to suit the size of the system.  These are 2, 4 and 8 zone versions.

Gent Xenex Fire Alarm System Equipment

In addition to the range of motherboards we can also supply new Gent Xenex Fire Alarm Panels along with peripheral detectors, call points, sounders and beacons that are compatible with the panel range.

These panels are ideal for small to medium sized buildings and features upto 8 conventional sounder circuits.

If you’re interested in this equipment you may also be interested in our LED Emergency Lighting and JSB Firedex Panel ranges.