23Oct 2015
by The Safety Centre

Halloween and Bonfire Night 2015

Autumn is here and Halloween and Bonfire Night are right round the corner. With the much publicised fire safety risks, here’s our top ten do and don’ts for the Halloween period:

  1. Watch your child whilst around naked flames. Children’s costumes ignite very easily and there has been a growing movement to make the public more aware of the dangers.
  2. If you do dress your child up, look carefully at the labels and check the safety standards
  3. Use electric candles in place of tea lights.
  4. If you do use real candles, place them well out of the way of visiting party guests or trick or treaters.
  5. Make sure children are clearly visible to road traffic. Keep to pavements and be mindful of traffic whilst out at night.
  6. Stand well back from Bonfires, and Fireworks.
  7. Never go back to a firework that has failed. Pour water over it from a distance and collect the shell in the morning or sometime later.
  8. Accompany your child whilst they go Trick or Treating. Or send them with a responsible adult.
  9. If walking in unlit areas, always carry a torch or wear reflective strips/clothing.
  10. Leave buckets of sand or water near to where children will be using sparklers. Encourage children to drop used sparklers into the buckets to reduce to chance of burns.

Even with the above tips, Halloween and Bonfire Night can be fraught with the potential for accidents. The Safety Centre has a range of home fire extinguishers, fire blankets and first aid kits starting from as little as £5.97 ex VAT! Perfect for helping your peace of mind, whilst your guests or family enjoys the festivities and the autumn months.

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We hope you enjoy the Halloween and Bonfire Night festivities, from all the team at The Safety Centre. Stay safe!

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