23Apr 2013
by The Safety Centre

High Quality Wireless Fire Alarms Available at The Safety Centre

At The Safety Centre we know that responsible business owners will take the necessary measures to make sure the working environment is a safe place for employees, customers and anybody else who should enter the property. However, there are still a lot of premises out there that do not have the adequate protection needed to guard against fire and smoke – usually down to a lack of perceived convenience from owners. The Safety Centre supply a comprehensive range of fire alarms to businesses of all different sizes enabling them to meet with all legal obligations.

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Fire Alarms that Cause no Disruption to the Working Day

Our most popular wireless fire alarm, the Zerio Plus, offers a superb range of benefits to give businesses and employees not only the best possible protection – convenience too. For a start, one of the main concerns people have about installing fire alarms is the disruption the process causes, but the Zerio Plus wireless model doesn’t present that problem. All that’s required is to decide on certain points within the premises where the fire alarm is going to be placed, fix in each device and it’s all ready to go.

Not only can wireless fire alarms be installed quickly, they offer great flexibility by providing no unsightly wires that could obstruct working environments. Without the need for wires, it means the alarm’s devices can be placed at certain points to make it easier to meet with legal guidelines too. Furthermore, with the Zerio Plus, users are benefitted with fire alarms that have an operating frequency of 868 MHz, the European frequency standard.

So, with a Zerio Plus wireless fire alarm from The Safety Centre, not only are businesses provided with improved safety for their workspace and employees, they’re given outstanding flexibility and hassle free installation.

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To find out more, take a look at the fire alarms category page on our website or talk with one of our advisors by calling 01200 428 410. And don’t forget, as leading fire alarm suppliers, we now also provide international shipping too!