13Jul 2012
by Nick Potter

Hochiki ALG-EN Smoke Detector

Hochiki ALG-EN Smoke Detector

The Hochiki ALG-EN was an Analogue Addressable Optical Smoke Detector for use with Hochiki ESP protocol analogue addressable fire alarm systems.  This sensor is designed to be installed on a loop type circuit using the Hochiki YBN-R3 Base.  This detector has now been superseeded by the Hochiki ALN-EN Optical Smoke Detector.

Hochiki ALN-EN Detector

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The Hochiki ALG-EN Smoke Detector is addressable.  This means that the sensor must have a unique address number.  This number is set on the detector by using the Hochiki TCH-B200 Programmer unit.

To compliment the Hochiki ALG-EN Smoke Detector The Safety Centre can also supply the full range of Hochiki products.  This range includes detectors, call points, sounder in both conventional and analogue addressable types.  Also included in the product portfolio are Hochiki Open Protocol Analogue Addressable fire alarm systems which are compatible with the Hochiki ALG-EN Smoke Detector and other units.